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24 Nov



Step into Hailam Kopitiam and instantly be mesmerized by the warm and welcoming ambiance.

Until today, the cooking style, unique flavours and distinct tastes that the Foh Heong Kopitiam is noted for has undergone very little change. Food has been our passion and love, so we try to keep the recipes as original as possible. Patrons will be familiar with such authentic items like our specially prepared roasted coffee/tea, home-made kaya with toasted bread (roti bakar) and half-boiled eggs, popular hainanese chicken chop and fish fillet prepared as in colonial times, mee soup, meegoreng and of course, the all-time favourite, hainanese chicken rice.

Our taste has served generations and we assure you, that you too will be pleased.

Experience Malaysians popular breakfast choices before you start your day. Colonial breakfast is served in Hailam Kopitiam daily from 7.30am till 11am. Our menu includes Nasi Lemak, Fried Meehoon, Tuna Egg Sandwich or Roti Bakar (toasted bread) & half-boiled eggs with roasted coffee/ tea. These are popular breakfast among the locals.

Hailam Kopitiam is open from 7am till 2am (on weekdays) and 7am till 3am (on weekends) daily.

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1, Jalan Kristal, AL7/A1, Section 7, 40100 Shah Alam, Selangor


05-55111 658